Would you give up your life for God?  You must have that much faith….. the strongest faith likened to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses & Job to conquer your enemies.  Right now Isis, although strong in smaller numbers; our world could collapse, even with our majority.  Too many of us do not believe God will sustain us.  Be strong & courageous in our Christian faith.  Believe in Jesus Christ, do not fear, he is here.  We need to come together, to UNIFY our strength in the Lord.  One by one we can change the consciousness of our global plane toward our earthen peace.



“Sometimes it appears,

We are wandering, no nearer.

Such a fine line we walk,

Unable to think or talk,

If only we could see,

The reality in thee,

Thankful for each moment,

Would shelter our lament,


Lest not forget, the smile,

From unsuspecting while,

The laughter from a child,

Even though they’re wild,

The coaxing of a glance,

Even if by chance,

The gesture of a stranger,

Brings to us no danger,

Feeling a person’s needs,

Even when they heed,

An unexpected embrace,

Surprisingly encased.


Understood within the soul,

To touch our earthly goal,

To see and hold what’s dear,

Becomes forever clear,

Now our eyes wide open,

Can clearly think and see,

So we truly feel the miracles,

That appear in front of thee today.”



I truly feel that these poems are a gift of great blessing in my life, and meant to be shared with all, to stir their passion and emotion, as well.  In fact, I am still writing poetry and each new poem just seems to be better than the last.   First is my foreword to all:

 "Woe is me, for I am human,
Bring me back my ancient soul;
forbid the breath of earthen tears;
achieve thee, in thy grace."



“So Sweet, tis’ the enchanting,

spiral of a spirit,

Endowing your soul with tears,

Reaching to remember,

The simple sphere,

When life does seem so bleak,

Realizing our purpose upon this plane,

Bringing us closer to our ancient love,

Surging pain of redemption will be no more,

Through the unbelievable –

Taste of God’s Kiss.”


The Journey

Oh my gosh, I don’t know where to start with my journey…You know I asked my angels the other day why I didn’t seem to fit into this world of ours?  And they answered “Gloriously, You’re not fit for the world”.  Well, I had never thought of it that way.  Interesting….”but soon you will experience the ways of the world through your eyes and heart; to seek and find the opportunity to feel alive again”.

Honestly, this all goes way back to when I was a small child.  I’ve always felt this awareness in my soul, that I thought about things differently than most.  Truly knowing there is something to it.  Having searched my whole life for my purpose which has come and gone, over and over again.   Now 40 years later, I have so much to share & don’t know where to begin.  When I was in my twenties, I began writing poetry which reflected my  life at that time.  The poems came to me in the middle of the night or anytime, I kept my pen and paper by the bed so that I could write them down right away, or the thoughts would be lost.  To this day, I really can’t recite them from memory, I look at them and am amazed that I wrote them.  The words just came to me.  Over the years of course, they are quite advanced compared to when I was in my twenties; the words just come automatically to me, kind of like automatic writing.  They don’t sound like me and some of the words I use I don’t even know the meaning of, but it all makes sense.

Since this is my first post, I would like to leave you with one of my earlier poems.


I am a circle of my fate,

surrounding doubts to face,

The inner self seems to wait,

while the outer self intakes,

 I need to come full circle,

With resounding strength of trust,

Oh, to feel the sweetness of your soul,

The never ending need to grow,

Knowing that it’s not too late,

To err – is always in our fate.