“Sometimes it appears,

We are wandering, no nearer.

Such a fine line we walk,

Unable to think or talk,

If only we could see,

The reality in thee,

Thankful for each moment,

Would shelter our lament.

Lest not forget, the smile,

From unsuspecting while,

The laughter from a child,

Even though they’re wild,

The coaxing of a glance,

Even if by chance,

The gesture of a stranger,

Brings to us no danger,

Feeling a person’s needs,

Even when they heed,

An unexpected embrace.

Surprisingly encased.

Understood within the soul,

To touch our earthly goal,

To see and hold what’s dear,

Becomes forever clear,

Now our eyes wide open,

Can clearly think and see,

So we truly feel the miracles,

That appear in front of thee.”