Angel Messages

Angel channel on 1/28/02:

What kind of angel are you?

I am indeed.  What you are asking is for the world to know the feeling of sacredness and punctuality of the fittest.  One never knows how must we want to reach them and see how they fare.  What does your fate tell you?  I am amazed how to redeem fate as your own. How does one go on? Forevermore to be tested through never ending faith.  Unbeknownst to the faith of an everlasting Lord who loves you implicitly.  I shudder to think that we would not believe in a higher source of power to be aligned with our meaning and purpose on this earth.  When does heaven truly come about?  When the blessed reunion of soul and spirit awaken to a magnificent awakening of mind, body, spirit forthcoming to a degree of essence so pure that it makes you believe you are freer than the birds, or the Sun and the trees.  Never to know the vast omnipotence of it all again,  Oh heavenly Father, we pray for a shred of bliss to refrain from this utter nonsense.

Are you the angel or angels helping me with my poetry?

I can’t say that you have done this all yourself, but yes, we are.  To frown upon your intelligence would be jest.  You have a gift that we are presenting to you.

How come some of my poems come through when you are speaking to me?  Are these my thoughts or from you?  Please let me know.  Thank you.

Meaningful to one may not be meaningful to others.  You must bear the fruit of the situation so far.  We understand that you are confused and wonder why, but this should not be the case.  Please understand that you, are you and no one can change that.  What you hear from us, is Yes, part of your poems because this how we feel.  You have already captured some of this to a point, and we use it.  Nevertheless, you are a channel through us who can understand us better than most.

Will I be able to help people in their search through this channel?

Yes, but not for sometime – the time is not right.  You will know when the time is right and we will give you all the help and strength you will need for this task.  Thank you for being so patient in your guidance to others.  You are not alone, please remember that.  We are always with you, all the way.  Your time will come, when you are ready.  Please be patient and never underestimate faith in the highest form.  We will not let you down. Have Faith.

Thank you my angels.  Amen

Spirits Soulful Dance

“Beyond closed eyes,

    Behind closed lids,

Thru darkness of the mind,

    Flowing senses on the rise,

Alas, we see the vision,

    The swirling, twirling spiral,

Of the spirits’ soulful dance,

    How sweet, ’tis the remembrance,

Which endows thy soul with tears,

    Ever so joyful, ever so sad,

Of that pure and simple sphere,

    Our soulful memory awakened,

Of our need upon this plane,

    Bringing us closer to our ancient love,

Through the unbelievable — 

    Taste of God’s Kiss.”


“Grace through the brethren,

     Instants so pure,

With love through the spirit,

     And doubts are no more,

We share through the caring,

     And move through the bearing,

The love that surrounds us,

     Will ultimately trust – thus.”

Ebbing Time

“Silent rhythms,

     on the sea of time,

ever so soothing,

     because they are mine,

Peace within my soul today,

     Is ever seeking to always stay.

Oh, heart of my heart,

     It seems useless to say,

But the peace from within,

     Can go out and come in,

Ebbing with the search of signs,

     Wishing it could stay longer – Sometimes.”


“Do we live in silence,

     Never seeing other souls?

Do they feel the striving,

     Of everlasting goals?

To set the heart on fire,

     With ever endless desire.

To walk through days adrift,

     How can they survive,

The empty being?

How can it be – 

     To hear and see — Nothing.”


  “Accept thine grace,

     Accept thine will,

The truest gift,

     Is misunderstood,

Shall we or shall we not,

     Take an oath of faith.

Receive thy gift with open arms,

     And never forget the divine,

For thy gift shall not be forsaken,

    Thy passionate heart can be attained,

If we receive thy gift in grace –

     Through the arms of truest faith.”