Woke up weeping…it’s not about gun control or mental illness gone wrong.  IT’S ABOUT LOVE!!! getting back to the basics, getting back to our pure faith.  This was felt around the world, meant to bring us all together.  This is our chance.  God has given us a sign to look towards faith & love for him & everyone around us.  Although it seems these children & adults were taken from their families so tragically, it is but a release of the sacrificial lambs agreed upon with God to save our souls & to look inside ourselves, not to lay blame.

Hopefully, as a world this will happen or we are doomed to suffer more.  God has given us a wonderful opportunity to change our ways, working through our souls, a reminder of belief & understanding of him.

This is our time as a nation & world awakening.  We all weep harder today for these pure souls. May we all heed his warning.  This is our catalyst to redeem ourselves in LOVE for our Jesus Christ who also gave his life & soul to save us all.

In Honor of all the victims and survivors (Dec. 2012)



“Oh, heavenly Father,

     keeper of my soul,

I cry for a shred of bliss,

    The mystery to unfold.

Unrenounced to see the light,

     I feel that my faith is fight,

So be that may, I come to pass,

     I see the dawning of an afterlife,

That is so awesome,

     It makes me feel — between.”


“What shall thee stand for”

     How will thy remain?

Scattered memories to abhor,

     Or cherished memories refrained.

Death among the living —

     What will thy do?

A life seemingly unworthy,

     What can thy do?

Remembrance of life gone by,

     Although, you truly try,

A disheartened sad soul,

     Wishing to meet thy goal,

How will thy memories remain?