“Cherish the moments of undivided faith,

     to each his own, will win the race,

I strive toward compassion,

     In essence so pure,

Wondering whether the strength is for sure,

     Forbidding the spirit, the knowledge they know,

Forgiving the moment of showing,

     I cease to exist at this time.”


“Oh, heavenly Father,

     keeper of my soul,

I cry for a shred of bliss,

    The mystery to unfold.

Unrenounced to see the light,

     I feel that my faith is fight,

So be that may, I come to pass,

     I see the dawning of an afterlife,

That is so awesome,

     It makes me feel — between.”


“What shall thee stand for”

     How will thy remain?

Scattered memories to abhor,

     Or cherished memories refrained.

Death among the living —

     What will thy do?

A life seemingly unworthy,

     What can thy do?

Remembrance of life gone by,

     Although, you truly try,

A disheartened sad soul,

     Wishing to meet thy goal,

How will thy memories remain?


“I am a circle of my fate,

     surrounding doubts to face,

The inner self seems to wait,

     While the outer self intakes,

I need to come full circle,

     With resounding strength of trust,

Oh, to feel the sweetness of your soul,

     The never ending need to grow,

Knowing that it’s not too late,

     To err — is always in our fate.”