“Precious be thine to your lips,

     the kiss of love will always flourish,

longing to know the everlasting charm,

     which brings us nearer to no harm,

cherishing us that do not waiver,

     Holy is thou, for we are spirit,

Thankingly, known to somewhat favor.”

Love Embrace

“Oh Seer, of all that’s good and wise,

     Please grace thee with your presence,

Surround thee with your love,

     Embrace thee with your light,

Please touch thee with your strength,

     And, grace thee with your wisdom,

Forsaking all thy thoughts impure,

     And envelop thine soul with peace,

Thank you for your love Embrace.”

Spirits Soulful Dance

“Beyond closed eyes,

    Behind closed lids,

Thru darkness of the mind,

    Flowing senses on the rise,

Alas, we see the vision,

    The swirling, twirling spiral,

Of the spirits’ soulful dance,

    How sweet, ’tis the remembrance,

Which endows thy soul with tears,

    Ever so joyful, ever so sad,

Of that pure and simple sphere,

    Our soulful memory awakened,

Of our need upon this plane,

    Bringing us closer to our ancient love,

Through the unbelievable — 

    Taste of God’s Kiss.”