I truly feel that these poems are a gift of great blessing in my life, and meant to be shared with all, to stir their passion and emotion, as well.  In fact, I am still writing poetry and each new poem just seems to be better than the last.   First is my foreword to all:

 "Woe is me, for I am human,
Bring me back my ancient soul;
forbid the breath of earthen tears;
achieve thee, in thy grace."



“So Sweet, tis’ the enchanting,

spiral of a spirit,

Endowing your soul with tears,

Reaching to remember,

The simple sphere,

When life does seem so bleak,

Realizing our purpose upon this plane,

Bringing us closer to our ancient love,

Surging pain of redemption will be no more,

Through the unbelievable –

Taste of God’s Kiss.”