Margaret Solomon’s Spiritual Journey

I have been receiving the gift of poems and messages from my angels for about 30 years now.  Recently, I received a message from one of my (I call cwazy) little angels who looked like a cartoon character just throwing all my papers into the universe like when you’re filing or downloading on your computer.  “Just put it all out there in the universe for all time & record.  They were meant to be shared, not meant to be kept hidden away for fear of what people may think of me.  Be bold.  Your words, thoughts & pure love was not meant to be for fame, fortune, publication but meant to be shared with ALL.  It is not for me to keep & has become clear to me, for my sayings to resound into everlasting time & space.  This is for the cosmos & mankind.  Let it all go! Show no fear! Having clarity now to share it all.  Like the Akashic Records, only to bound into everlasting sound.”  My earlier poems told me so, but I didn’t get it.  The time has come to let it all go — stay positive, it’s finally time.”  I hope you all enjoy and follow me, I have and will be posting a lot from now on.  Peace and Love to All.